A special vehicle in our fleet is the Hummer Stretch Limo. When requested, we can confidently say we got dat. Hummer is generally identified with being a sport utility vehicle or a truck. However, when converted into a stretch limo and is totally tricked out, it exudes LUXURY. Demand for production of a stretched limousine version grew out of the popularity of the H2 Hummer. The H2 Hummer was dissected behind the cab and the chassis was stretched to create a passenger vehicle that can accommodate 14, 16 or up to 22 passengers. Initially, US clients created demand for the Hummer Stretched Limo. However, they grew in popularity rapidly in the UK and Australia. The limousine hire industry have adapted the ATV to become a social vehicle to honor life’s special events. Mass production has ceased since 2010, however, these vehicles have continued to be altered and constructed by private manufacturers worldwide.

Hummer Stretch Limo

Bachelore/Bachelorette Parties, Weddings and More…

Our Hummer Stretch Limo accommodates you and 10-11 of your peeps. It features: a killer audio/video system; club-like atmosphere lighting; 2 wet bars; and comfortable bench seating that allows the conversation to flow. Our courteous, professional chauffeurs will arrive at the appointed place and time on schedule, as well as return your party to the appointed place and time at the end of your charter. We require a minimum of 3 continuous hours of service when you hire our Hummer Stretch Limo. Hire us for all of life’s special occasions: a night out on the town, concerts, bachelor/bachelorette parties; prom; graduation; engagement parties; weddings; you name it. We generally charge $148 per hour, however, we have special rates for our wedding packages. Group packages are available to suit any budget. So when you inquire as to whether or not we have a Hummer Stretch Limo, we can confidently say that we got dat!

Alert Transportation

Contact our sales consultants at (504) 362-4145 for more information and to make reservations. Put your group’s safety in our capable hands! Hire us as your designated driver and make your special events even more memorable!