Project Description

“Party Animal”

2010 Black Limo Bus
Chevy 5500 Duramax Diesel

Passengers: 26
Amenities: Killer Sound System, Wet Bar, DVD Stereo, Dance Pole
Alert Transportation’s Chevy 5500 Duramax Diesel Black Limo Bus has seating for up to 26 passengers with very limited luggage space, there is only enough space for small carry-on bags in rear and front by driver.
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Meet The Party Animal

The Party Animal Party Bus is the best party on wheels to hit New Orleans. This Limo Bus has everything you need to have a traveling party. The Limo Bus can accommodate up to 26 people.  This Party Bus has a killer sound system with two televisions that can play DVDs, CDs, MP3s, and even play music from your phone (bring your USB Cord). This moving party also has a dance poll and a nice size wet bar that can accommodate you and your 25 friends all night long. All of our party buses are licensed by the City of New Orleans – For Hire Industry.

GGPKG Preview ImageGGPKG Preview Image

This video of the Party Animal is a 360° Video. Use your mouse to view the entire Party Bus.