Alert Transportation Prom TransportationProm is one of the most anticipated nights of Senior year in high school. The girls shop like bosses for the perfect prom ensembles. The fellas have it a bit easier with tuxedo rentals but they want to look hot too. You have your prom date and y’all are OTP! Plans for the night are coming together and they are off the heezy for sure. The excitement is building and parents are getting anxious. Safety is the greatest concern on the parents part and the last thing on the students’ minds. What is your mode of prom transportation? What is the safest way to make prom night a night you can remember?

Huge Fleet

Alert Transportation FleetAlert Transportation has a limo fleet that will take these young people wherever they want to go throughout the evening. Parents can rest assured that they will make it home safe and sound. The kids will remember the fun they had from the time they left home until the time they returned home too. Our limo fleet includes: a black stretch Expedition SUV limousine, a white stretch Expedition SUV limousine, a Lincoln Navigator L limousine, a white stretch Hummer limousine, 2 white Chrysler 300 limousines, and a black Chrysler 300 limousine. They accommodate between 5 and 14 passengers depending on which model you choose for your group.

We have Party Buses

Rock Start Party Bus - Alert TransportationThen we have the Party Buses which can accommodate up to 26 passengers. Hire the Rock Star or the Party Animal to keep the party rolling along. Your group of besties can hang together all night and no one has to miss out on the action. These buses are equipped with off the chain av systems and club style lighting that keeps the party pumped. Although you have to be 21 to legally drink, there are wet bars on board to keep your drinks cold. Dancing on the dance pole is optional, so what happens on the bus stays on the bus, especially not on social media. Remember, college admissions offices across the country are watching their prospective students on social media.

Alert Transportation

For your prom night, call the expert drivers at Alert Transportation to take you where you want to go. Contact our sales consultants at (504) 362-4145 for more information and to make reservations today. Let the good times roll!