“Strive for perfection in everything you do.” ~ Sir Henry Royce

Alert Transportation Rolls RoyceRolls-Royce has always been synonymous with luxury and sublime elegance.  It has been the chosen mode of transportation for royalty and jet-setters around the world. However, it is no longer exclusive to the elite.  Alert Transportation offers two marvelous Rolls Royce Options: Alfred (1963) and Winston (1964).  Enjoy true classy elegance as you and your loved ones (accommodates up to 3 passengers) rest upon the supple leather interior delighting in the air conditioning as you glide to your destination. The sleek antique vehicles come in either silver or white. They were built in the tradition established by Charles Rolls and Henry Royce in 1904.  In addition to royalty, actors, rock stars, and celebrities chose Rolls-Royce to signify their newly acquired social status and wealth. 

Spirit of Ecstasy

The muse that inspired the infamous hood ornament, the “Spirit of Ecstasy”, was Eleanor Thornton.  Her essence was captured in the sculpture by artist, Charles Sykes.  Eleanor was a free-thinker who relished the pursuit of personal liberty and did not conform to the prevailing attitudes of the time, embodying the free-spiritedness of the collective of talented automotive revolutionaries that founded Rolls-Royce. As the “Spirit of Ecstasy”, the ornamental figurine leans forward into the wind.  Her arms are extended and her dress flutters in the wind, as if she is flying.  She transcends space and time, ethereally, and is a beacon for the fearless, those who have and will revolutionize the world.  When you are fortunate to be chauffeured in this lavish automotive legend, you too will experience the adventurous “Spirit of Ecstasy”.

Alert Transportation Weddings

Alert Transportation has a variety of wedding packages to suit your needs and budget for your big day. The range of packages includes:  1 Stretch Hummer and Stretch Limousine all the way to 2 (26) Passenger Limo Buses and 1 Rolls-Royce, or simply customize your own wedding transportation package. To get more information and make reservations, call our dedicated sales staff at (504) 362-4541 or contact us by email at [email protected].  We’re dedicated to making your wedding dreams come true!