Charter Expedition Limo Alert TransportationCharter service refers to a group of people who have contracted the use of a vehicle for a certain amount of time, with a detailed itinerary, at a fixed rate. We require a minimum of 3 continuous hours for all charters. With all wedding charters, a discount of $25 is given for the use of multiple vehicles, and a complimentary bottle of champagne is given to the brides and grooms who have chartered 2 or more vehicles for their Wedding Event. All charters, including wedding charters, must be prepaid prior to the event for the amount of time specified. If a chartered vehicle is required and needed for additional time, the contracted rate will be billed in 30 minute increments. However, we cannot guarantee that the chartered vehicle will be available for additional time. If the client has a credit card on file, we will automatically charge the credit card based upon the driver’s estimate of additional time that will be needed, to complete the ground transportation. If the job is after 11pm or if the credit card is declined, a cash payment will be required to complete the job. Failure to complete a payment as outlined above, will end the charter prior to completion at or before the charter time has elapsed.

Transfer service refers to a driver meeting a person or group of people at a designated location and transfer them to another location.  In our business, it is called “Point A to Point B service.” There is limited standby time or wait time associated with transfers, which means the passenger or passengers must be ready to depart when the vehicle arrives for pick-up. Also, the vehicle leaves at the time of drop off, after it has delivered the passenger or passengers to their desired destination. Much like a taxi service, we transport people from location to location. This service is particularly desirable for executives, visiting from other cities, who are conducting business in the Metro New Orleans area. The most common type of transfer is to or from the Metro area airports.

Hourly rates and transfer rates vary by the type of vehicle and seating capacity of the vehicle used and the services provided. Our trusted customer service professionals can help you determine the type of vehicle best suited for your purposes and the amount of time necessary to achieve your requirements. They can help you meet your requirements within your budget.

Call our sales consultants at (504) 362-4145 for more information and to make reservations today. Hire us as your confident, professional drivers to make your special events or visit to the Metro New Orleans area even more memorable. Let the good times roll!